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If you are looking for a fast, private, convenient way to meet with our doctors and get access to your certificate quickly, we recommend using our Telemed option.

CDONY provides virtual face-to-face video appointments using Wecounsel, a well-known HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform (we offer other options as well, just ask!)

First, you must meet NYS requirements, submit proof of residency and submit all relevant medical documents. Next, we send you an invite to connect with the doctor online - don't worry, we walk you through the process. We then schedule your time slot once you've successfully registered.

Check your eligibility for medical marijuana in New York State


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Submit your proof of residency and relevant medical records for our Doctors to review.

In order to book your appointment, we require you to submit your proof of residency and relevant medical records first. This can be done securely right here on our website and it is HIPPA compliant.

If you’d prefer to fax our fax number is 212-784-6896  

Telemed appointments are 100% online. If you would rather see a Doctor in person we have other options.