Setup an Office Visit

Visiting with a doctor in our office will provide you with a more personal connection.

We welcome family members and support people to the visit. Our goal is to provide you with a custom tailored medical approach to support you fully in your treatment.

You will meet with our Doctor in a private office at one of our 2 locations, depending on which provider you will be seeing. Our space is discrete & comfortable.

Check your eligibility for medical marijuana in New York State


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consultation quiz.

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Submit your proof of residency and relevant medical records for our Doctors to review.

In order to book your appointment, we require you to submit your proof of residency and relevant medical records first. This can be done securely right here on our website and it is HIPPA compliant.

If you’d prefer to fax our fax number is 212-784-6896  


We have 2 locations in Manhattan and multiple doctors. We will match you with the best provider for your treatment needs. If you would rather see a Doctor without leaving your home, we have other options.