Prior to meeting with a practitioner patients are screened for qualification in accordance with the rules of the Compassionate Care Act. Patients deemed eligible will receive guidance regarding required documentation of their condition and evidence of New York State residency. At this point an appointment will be scheduled with one of our practitioners.

During the evaluation your practitioner will conduct a discussion of your reasons for wanting to medicate with cannabis and a review of your medical history. This typically takes 20 - 30 minutes. If your physician decides medical cannabis will help your condition, s/he will discuss risks and benefits as well as provide guidance regarding which products and doses will be most beneficial to your particular condition(s), symptom(s) and lifestyle, plus information regarding the available dispensaries. At this point you will receive a signed certification. With this certification you can go online and obtain your Medical Marijuana Card.


  • How do I get started?

    • The are a few steps in the process which you will need to complete, but don't worry, we will guide you every step of the way! The first step is to request a consultation.  We ask for your basic contact information, as well as what condition(s) qualify you in accordance with the Compassionate Care Act. Once you fill out the consultation form you can move on to uploading your supporting documents.
  • What do I need to book an appointment?

      • Before you book an appointment, you will need to send a copy of your medical documents or a medical note from your physician stating your diagnoses (one of the 13 qualifying conditions) and one proof of New York State residency. 
      • If you suffer from chronic pain you will need additional information. Your medical diagnosis or medical letter from your physician must state that you have had pain or anticipate that you will have pain longer than 3 months. It must state that you have tried other treatment options that have failed (i.e. tried pain medication, surgery or other treatments).

    You only need ONE of the following:

    1.  A New York State Driver’s License or New York State Identification Card. *(Please note: NYCID is not an acceptable form of identification.) 
    2.  A copy of a utility bill (i.e: Electricity Bill, Cable Bill, Internet Bill) indicating an applicant’s current residency (MUST contain applicants name and address listed. The bills should back track two months.)
    3.  A copy of current lease indicating an applicant’s residency within New York State.
    • Is it safe to upload my documents online?

      • Absolutely! We use a HIPPA compliant and encrypted upload method that is verified safe and secure. Your privacy and protection is always our number  one priority . Alternatively, you may fax the required documents to us at 212-784-6896.
    • I clicked the "Schedule" button, but it's asking for a password, what do I do? 

      • You need to complete steps 1 & 2 before you can unlock the schedule feature. First, complete the consultation form. Next, when your have gathered the required documents, upload documents to our staff for review. An associate will reach out to you with a password for you to schedule your visit. Alternatively, you can call us to schedule your visit (you will be asked to provide documentation before you are seen.)
    • What conditions can marijuana be used to treat?

      • There are 13 qualifying conditions in the state New York. 
        • ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease)
        • Cancer
        • Chronic Pain 
        • Epilepsy
        • HIV
        • Huntington's Disease
        • Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
        • Intractable spasticity due to spinal cord damage
        • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
        • Neuropathies
        • Parkinson's Disease
        • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    • Where is my certification valid?

      • Certifications are valid at all dispensaries in New York State.

    • Can I get a renewal?

      • Yes. If you have been seen by one of our Doctors or Nurse Practitioners we can schedule an appointment for a renewal. 

    • Can I get a renewal if I've been certified by a Doctor not in your practice? 

      • No. If you have been certified by a Doctor who is not in our practice, you will have to have that certificate cancelled and then we can begin the process for a new certificate. 

    • May I register a minor?

      • Yes. If the applicant is under the age of eighteen, a copy of their birth certificate should be submitted. Additionally the parent or legal guardian applying on behalf of the applicant will submit a copy of their state or government issued identification.
    • Will I be on a government list?

      • No. The record of your certification is protected under federal law through HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), just like your medical documents.