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Upload Documents
for your Telemed appointment.

Before your appointment, you must provide proof of a medical condition and proof of New York State residency. You can do so easily with our secure upload portal below.

Alternatively, you may fax the required documents to us at 212-784-6896.

You only need ONE of the following:

  1. A copy of your medical documents/records

  2. A note from a physician stating your diagnoses

  3. Discharge papers or current medication list


*Please note that we do not diagnose conditions.

You must show proof of condition(s) previously diagnosed and disclose current medications.

2. Proof of NY Residency.

You only need ONE of the following:

  1. A New York Driver’s License, Identification Card, or New York City ID.

  2. A utility bill indicating current residency that shows name and address.

  3. A copy of a current lease indicating residency within New York State.

*Temporary residents must provide ID and proof of residency such as a lease or utility bill.

For assistance with scheduling an appointment or retrieving medical records please call  (212) 838-4965

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