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Meet CDONY’s Founder & C.M.O. Kenneth R. Weinberg, M.D.

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

“My name is Ken Weinberg. After completing a residency in Internal Medicine and doing a fellowship in Psychoneuroimmunology, I became a board certified Emergency Physician for over 30 years. In 2016 I started Cannabis Doctors of New York. We provide a concierge service, offering telemedicine, home, and in-person visits at our midtown Manhattan location... We pride ourselves on the loving care and follow-up we provide to all the patients we see and certify.”

Dr. Weinberg has seen the life-changing results that Marijuana use can provide. Prescription marijuana medication has helped our patients safely cope with a variety of serious ailments such as Cancer, AIDS, Chronic Pain, & Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Kenneth R Weinberg M.D., Chief Medical Officer of Cannabis Doctors of New York , is the leading marijuana doctor serving patients in New York & nearby areas.

Cannabis Doctors of New York is the first all-cannabis practice in the state of NY & the only practice of its kind. The team at Cannabis Doctors of New York is dedicated to providing education, resources, & concierge medical marijuana services for patients diagnosed with any of NY’s now expanded qualifying conditions.

Kenneth R. Weinberg M.D. in the news:

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03. Okt. 2023
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Dr. Weinberg is at the forefront of cannabis medicine and has been instrumental in many positive changes in modern cannabis study and use. I have been continually impressed by his educational seminars, workshops, speaking engagements, and newsletter. Keep up the fabulous work Dr. Ken; you are so tremendously valuable to the medical community!

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Unknown member
28. Juli 2023

Dear Ken

I was prompted to write this to you after watching a video on you tube that you featured in.

In October 2019 a great breakthrough was made in the understanding of the cause of cancer

Whereby in a study on mice with pancreatic cancer it was found that a fungal organism named malassezia was found in great abundance this led Aykut et al. to treat the mice with an antifungal and the tumors stopped growing, they then reintroduced malassezia into the mice and the tumors started growing again. They then studied humans and found the same.

Prior to this study it was thought that malassezia was a commensal of the skin and didn't inhabit the inner body. As…

Gefällt mir
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