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Home Cultivation of Cannabis in New York State.

A medical right for patients enrolled in New York's program, but not available to adult recreational users.

Updated April 20, 2024 Certified patients & designated caregivers twenty-one years of age or older who are registered with the Medical Cannabis Program may cultivate cannabis at home for certified patients’ personal use. Participants in the medical program can grow up to 6 cannabis plants in their home for personal use (3 mature plants & 3 immature plants) & a maximum of twelve plants per household (6 mature plants & 6 immature plants) Effective October 5, 2022. For more information on the home cultivation of medical cannabis, download the pdf guides below from the Office of Cannabis Management.

Download PDF • 1.23MB

How can I grow cannabis if I'm limited in space, need privacy, or my medical conditions prevent me from outdoor gardening?

Medicinal Cannabis Award Winner & Easy to Grow at home.

We’d like to applaud, single out, & give reverence to a powerful medicinal cannabis

strain, Blueberry. And no, not blueberry flavor or blueberries from the market. Blueberry is a Cannabis strain that works well for medical patients suffering from a variety of symptoms, and it grows with ease indoors, taking up very little space. For our patients interested in growing their own cannabis plants, we have compiled a guide to help facilitate the cultivation of cannabis at home. Here, we will provide resources & instructions to grow your own blueberry plants at home in New York State regardless of experience or much available space. You just need a New York State Medical Card and to follow regulations for the number of plants allowed. Through the month of April 2023, Cannabis Doctors of New York is offering new and existing patients $50 off the cost of your next appointment. Simply mention this article when booking before May 1st. Get Started here or give us a call at (212) 838-4965.

Blueberry Cannabis Strain Grown indoors
Blueberry Cannabis strain grown indoors in a small space. Photo Credit: r/microgrowery by guitplyr82

With around 80% of its lineage being the eminent Afghani landrace & 20% the

much renowned Thai/Purple Thai.

Blueberry is commonly known for its pain relief & sleep-inducing effects. Long heralded for its medicinal value, If you are looking for a strain that will sedate, & alleviate many stubborn symptoms from a wide range of ailments, then the Blueberry strain is for you. Great for after those long days or sleepless nights when your body needs inflammation reduction, pain relief, & muscle relaxation. Blueberry cannabinoids work effectively at soothing your nervous system, like a heavy blanket when you are under blueberry’s effects. Blueberry simply asks you to lay back & unwind, then you will feel your anxiety & symptoms fade away from the DMN & emerge into the synergistic magic of the body’s

endocannabinoid system bringing relief without harmful side effects no other medicine can achieve.

Blueberry can be a one-stop shop for many patients with medical ailments, both chronic & acute. Relieving a plethora of symptoms: stress, anxiety, leg spasms, insomnia, overstimulation, PTSD, migraines, nausea, vomiting, Wasting Syndrome, pain (both chronic & acute) in the skeletal, muscular, & nervous systems.

This strain works well for nighttime as it can induce restful, regenerative sleep.

For those experiencing strong symptoms from their illness or unpleasant side effects from pharmaceuticals, Blueberry offers an alternative that can replace or enhance a current regimen for relief. It can be clear-headed enough for daytime use, yet with a “take-a-step-back-mindset,” some may find it mildly dissociative. All in all, great for getting your mind off stressors and easing pains & aches, similar to a sedative. Tried & True: a popular strain since the 80s & itself a proud noble parent of other therapeutic strains such as Blue Dream (Blueberry X Super Silver Haze.)

Terpene profile:

Heavy in Mercene & a little Caryophyllene & Pinene.

Blueberry often produces THC levels between 18% to 24%: resulting in fat, dense, sticky, blue, & purple-hued buds. When cured properly, this strain can smell fruity like fresh blueberries.

Medical Blueberry Cannabis Flower
Medical Blueberry Cannabis Flower, Photo Credit: Greg M. Sondrol

As many are now discovering, Blueberry grows very well in tabletop hydro gardens. With consistently high yields, Blueberry produces bushy short plants with fast harvest times, you can expect a 49-58 day flowering period. The ability to grow a potent medical strain as a novice in a small indoor space will be a money saver for those on tight budgets but also allow for consistency & availability for medical users that find this particular strain to be the most effective medicine for them.

Originally Posted 4/20/2023

Gregory Sondrol

Cannabis Contributor

How to Grow Cannabis in a tabletop auto-garden.

The organization behind has put together a complete tutorial as well as recommended strains, supplies, and everything you need to start growing medical cannabis. Visit their website to learn more.

cannabis indoor growing infographic
Disclaimer: CDONY is not affiliated with

Above all, safety comes first. Please follow local laws and safety precautions when growing cannabis in New York. The Office of Cannabis Management recommends the following:

Safety Tips for Growing Cannabis OCM
Safety Tips for Growing Cannabis, Credit: OCM

In order to grow cannabis legally in New York, you must first obtain your medical card. Through the month of April 2024, Cannabis Doctors of New York is offering new and existing patients $50 off the cost of your appointment. Simply mention this article when booking.

Get Started here or give us a call at (212) 838-4965.

Cannabis Doctors of New York 2024©

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Dani Sage
Dani Sage
Feb 25
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I just got a knockoff aerogarden and can not wait to try my new set up! This is fantastic information. Thank you!


Oct 03, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

It's important to remember that home cultivation is one of the many perks of having a medical marijuana cert. You and your caregiver can grow up to 12 plants legally at home in New York. Even though adult use is legal now, home cultivation is only for medical program participants.


Unknown member
Apr 22, 2023

Wow good to know. Nice suggestions. That looks easy enough.


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Nice info thank you!

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