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New York allows medical marijuana to be grown at home.

Updated: Feb 8

Beginning October 5th, 2022, NYS certified patients and designated caregivers who are at least twenty-one years old and registered with the Office of Cannabis Management can grow cannabis at home, following the historic adoption of Part 115 regulations on October 5, 2022. To read the rules and regulations, click here.

To improve cannabis access and support certified patients and designated caregivers, the Office has developed downloadable tools to help individuals learn more about home cultivation:

  • Medical Home Cultivation Guide

A breakdown of the rules and basic cultivation information to help patients and caregivers get started learning about cultivating cannabis.

  • Medical Cannabis Home Cultivation Fact Sheet

A two-page, visual fact sheet with key information and safety tips for home cultivation.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the Personal Home Cultivation of Medical Cannabis Regulations

A list of frequently asked questions on the personal home cultivation of medical cannabis regulations.

Only certified patients and designated caregivers who are twenty-one or older and registered with the Office of Cannabis Management are able to grow at home.

To become a certified patient or designated caregiver, click here.

For questions on the above materials or about medical cannabis home cultivation, please email

Documentation of a medical condition & of your New York State residency or temporary New York residency while seeking medical treatment here is required. We can work with you to obtain the required documents. Once your documents have been submitted and reviewed by a physician, we can schedule your appointment.

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